Sales team insights +

Manage people, not just metrics.

Salessound software for sales team management, feedback, reporting and insights lets you manage:
With Salessound you can

Manage all aspects of sales teams and their performance: confidence, ideas and objectives, not just their targets.

Get pulse feedback and structured reporting with options for daily, weekly or monthly reporting.

Share the knowledge and insights your sales team has about what’s happening with customers and in their markets.

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Who is Salessound for?

Everyone in your business

For sales teams

Having clear objectives, keeping in touch with the progress of your team, and making your voice heard in a business takes time and organisation. Make it easier with Salessound.

For sales managers

Managing a sales team can be tough. Salessound can help you with a structured framework and a set of easy-to-use tools.

For sales leaders

How does your team feel about the outlook for sales? Do you have happy customers? Salessound tools can help you answer those questions and give you much more.

For sharing in your business

Avoid information silos. Share sales team insights on key trends, customer needs, market prospects, and areas for attention with other parts of your business.

Did you know that almost half of sales leaders surveyed felt they had received little or no training for their role?

For senior leadership teams

Salessound’s dashboard, snapshots, and regular reporting ensure you always have access to the latest outlook and performance information whenever you need it, securely and remotely.

Salessound framework


Sales team insights +

Software to help you with a simple, structured approach to managing and leading your team.

It's all about the people

Salessound helps sales people

Salespeople are interested in the same things which motivate everyone else in a modern workplace. Achieving targets, earnings, and results is essential, but feeling engaged, valued, and listened to is also increasingly important. Often more important than a relentless focus on targets alone.

Sales teams hold all the knowledge about what’s happening with customers and in their markets, and how a business may be letting down customers. Yet businesses often overlook and do not share the value in that knowledge, preferring instead to focus on transaction and pipeline data in CRMs.

Salespeople who are not well-managed and motivated will leave businesses, and replacing them will be costly. Businesses which don't gather and share the valuable knowledge salespeople have will eventually find customers also leaving.

Salessound helps sales leaders solve these issues by creating engaged teams and motivating them with feedback and insights rather than using bare metrics alone.
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What's in the software and how does it work?


People management

A dashboard for each person and team, with key indicators of: sales performance and trends - confidence - sentiment - ideas - objectives - insights

Discuss dashboards with your team. Help them to plan.

More about people

Idea development

Your team, or anyone in your business can suggest ideas.

Review each idea and its comments, choose which to develop and add updates to keep everyone informed.

More about ideas

Objective setting

Set objectives for your sales team.

Objectives should always be specific, measurable and achievable. Don't set too many too frequently.

More about objectives

Snapshot feedback or weekly sales reporting

Use Salessound snapshots to ask your team for their opinions and how they feel.

Choose your own short questions. Everyone is also asked how positive or confident they feel.

More about snapshots
Sales reports

Structured monthly sales reporting

The sales team will be automatically reminded when to prepare a monthly sales report, on dates you choose, answering questions you ask.

Review each sales report and add any comments.

More about reports

Insights and market knowledge sharing

Review the detailed trends, charts and indicators for snapshots, sales reports and sales performance.

Take early action to improve when it is needed.

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Listen to the team

What do you feel about sales this month? What is the mood of your customers? How confident do you feel about the sales outlook for next month? The answers to those questions can tell you the pulse of your business, help you spot opportunities and guide your planning.

Sales teams know what your customers want, how they view your business and how their markets are changing.

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Listen to the team
Get the big picture

Get the big picture

Gauging confidence and mood are part of forming a view of sales. Another main part is data and measurement of results and forecasts. Use structured sales team reports with questions you set at periods you choose to make sure you always have a clear view of trends, progress and what you need to do next.

Listen to your sales team using Salessound and share their insights to focus on what customers really value about your business.

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Quick start

How easy is it to get started?

Very easy

Four simple steps

1. Choose Salessound's quick start settings.

2. Create categories, teams, and add people.

3. Import sales targets, budgets and optionally, customers.

4. Import actual sales data each month or week.

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